Crafts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

We’re here to celebrate Man’s Best Friend and everyone’s favorite animal, dogs! Saturday is National Dog Day, so we compiled our favorite homemade crafts, recipes, and decor that are all about dogs! Check out the pictures below and, if you’re interested, click the link to make it for your own pooch.

  1. Easy, Dog Silhouette Art by Kolchak Puggle

2. DOG-I-Y: Easy DIY Mud Puppy Mittens by Dog Milk

3. Cork Covered Pencil Cups by the 3 R’s

4. DOG-I-Y: Modern DIY Etched Glass Treat Jars

5. Recycled T-Shirt Dogs Tugga Toy

6. DIY Dog Silhouette Pillow by the Kolchak Puggle

7. Recipe Ideas for Quick and Healthy Homemade Dog Treats from Cesar’s Way


Happy (unofficial) National Dog Day! Love on your dog with cuddles, kisses and these homemade crafts!


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