Customizable MacBook Pro Cover

Hey there!

I kept the same Mac Book Hard cover for 6 years before it finally fell apart. Now, turning in the complete opposite direction, I’ve decided to make a Mac Book cover that fits my mood. Am I feeling peonies today? I have a cover for that. What if I’m feeling something more bright and colorful? I have a cover for that!

How? Because I made a (nearly) ingenious way to always be able to change my Mac Book cover without having to break the bank!


  • A clear Mac Book Pro cover. I got mine here for less than $11.
  • Colorful printed paper! Larger than 13.5x 9.5 inches.
    • Wondering where to find a paper this size?
  • Cricut, a 12×24 mat, and corresponding accessories

How to:

1. Click here to go to Design Space and cut out this template using your paper(s) of choice.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.47.36 PM.png

2. Place the paper in your clear Mac Book case and close.


3. Enjoy!




  • Cut out the shape in lots of different paper and designs! Make backgrounds for holidays and seasons.
  • Use your Cricut to cut out your name.
    • Using Design Space, make a cut file with your text. Before you cut the file, flip your text horizontally. Cut the file and place it directly onto your case. This way you can change the paper design but keep your name!


I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I had making it! Share your projects below 🙂


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