Circular Family Monogram

I started making these circular family monograms to give as wedding presents for family friends. They have been such a hit that people have started asking me to make them one for their family and friends who are getting married!



  • 10″ Chipboard Circle (Hobby Lobby, $10)
  • Cricut
  • A file from this page
  • White Adhesive Vinyl (any craft store)
  • Wood grain paper (Hobby Lobby, $5.99 for 20 ft.)
  • Transfer tape (I use Cricut Stencil Vinyl as it is less sticky, and less likely to rip the paper)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Brush
  • Glue (Mod-Podge, adhesive spray, or whatever adhesive you prefer)

How to:

Step 1: Download the file and upload it into Cricut Design Space.

1_upload image

Step 2: In Cricut Design Space, delete the white spaces around the downloaded image and save it as a cut image. Add the image to your project, it should be 9.8″ by 9.8″.

23_Remove Deadspace

4_Cut Image

5_change size to 9

Step 3: Create a new text box and type “the (name of family/couple).” Fit the text between the two lines. You may find that ungrouping the text and moving them individually to be connected works the best.

Font: I use daydreamer, found for free here, but any handwriting font will do.

Size: 85

6_Add text

7_Center text in line_size

8_ungroup image and move to touch

Step 4: Create a new text box and type “est. (year).”

Font: Baskerville

Size: 50

9_add text_est

10_change font_move

Step 6: Center the the text and lines below the font. Select all components of the image and “weld” them.

11_shift a and group

Step 7: Create a circle with the dimensions 10″ by 10″. Do not attach this to the image that will be cut from vinyl. This is the circle to be cut from the wood grain paper.12_add circle

13_change size to 10

Step 8: Cut both images out using your Cricut! Cut the circle out of wood grain paper using setting “Light Cardstock,” and the rest out of white vinyl.
Step 9: While waiting for the images to cut, paint the edges of your chipboard circle white with acrylic paint.
 15_Paint edges
Step 10: Using mod-podge or your preferred adhesive (I personally prefer Elmer’s Glue Adhesive Spray, but it is MESSY), glue the wood grain paper to the circle chipboard. Make sure to line up the wood grains with the holes on the back for when it hangs!
 17_Glue paper to chipboard
Step 11: Weed the image so that all negative space has been removed.
 16_Weed the image
Step 12: Using transfer tape (or if you don’t have any scotch tape works moderately well), transfer the vinyl image to the paper.
 18_Tranfer paper19_place on chipboard and remove transfer paper
Step 13: Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!
 20_Final Image

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